Ringworm Symptoms And Treatment


Ringworm is known as a common skin infection that affects both humans and animals. Most notably, this infection affects cats, who are seen as the most common carriers of ringworm.

While the name of this infection suggests that it’s caused by a worm, the reality is that it’s actually caused by a fungus. This fungus grows on your skin, which feeds on all of the dead skin and hair cells that are there.

best-ringworm-treatment-reviewAreas of the skin that are infected with ringworm are typically round in shape, are red in color around the edges, and look normal in the center. The red area is shaped like a ring and is generally swollen due to the fungus irritating the skin. This is how the infection gets its name.

Generally, the most common symptoms of ringworm can be found on the surface of the skin itself, and a doctor can easily diagnose the infection by simply looking at any areas that have become infected. However, there are some instances how to treat ringworm in which a more thorough analysis may be needed to determine  the overall nature of the fungus itself, which will require the doctor to take a small tissue sample from areas in which the fungus has grown.

When ringworm first develops, it looks similar to a pimple or a mosquito bite. From there, it begins to grow as the fungus evolves and spreads. If any hair grows in the infected area, it will eventually be lost, only to be replaced by red bald patches of skin. Additionally, some people will also develop a yellow crust over the infected area as well.

Treating ringworm is extremely easy. This is especially the case if doctors are able to find it early. If it’s determined that the fungus is only in a few places, you likely will only be prescribed an antifungal cream; ringworm treatment can also be purchased without a prescription; however, before deciding to use one, it’s best to consult with your doctor. This cream should be applied directly on any affected areas until the ringworm is completely gone, as well as afterwards for a short time in order to make sure the fungus is completely dead.

On the other hand, if there is ringworm in too many areas, you will likely have to take antifungal pills once per day. Due to their strength, these can typically cure ringworm in a few short days.